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Friday, February 5, 2010

Does He Love you? Is he full of excuses?

Is he full of excuses? Does he promise things, and never deliver? Does he blame you for many things?

If you are constantly hearing excuses out of his mouth, beware, ladies!

Always Making Excuses
Why hasn't he called for several days? Why is he over an hour late? Why haven't you made love in several months?

..Because of work
...Because he was tired
....Because he is sick
......Because taxes are due
........Because he's about to be fired
.........Because he's lazy

Your man should take responsibility and put you and your relationship as a priority. This is a sign of a loving man!

Let's say you have a man that goes out with his friends and loses his wallet during the night out. He called you, but your phone was off. The next day, he blames you for not being there for him and what an awful night he had.

Instead of taking responsibility, he wants to blame someone else for his misfortune. Don't let him! Tell him calmly, that his is responsible for his actions and choices.

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