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Monday, February 8, 2010

Does my guy love me? Does he want to protect you?

You and your man are walking down a dark street. It is 1 am at night in the city, not many people are around. You and your man are strolling side by side, when suddenly a dangerous fellow appears mumbling to himself while walking directly toward the both of you. You are on the left side (nearest to the stranger) and your man is on the right.

Now, ladies, what does your man do?

1. Scream, then RUN in the other direction leaving you there
2. Pull you away from the stranger, putting himself directly in danger
3. He continues to walk to the right, behind a thick post (leaving you there) , so not to look too fearful, but still able to protect himself

Believe it or not, I have been on date with a man in a situation like this (a very long time ago). The man chose option #3. That was our last date together, although he didn't even realize what he had done! He called a few times, until he finally got the hint!

Here's another example:
Let's say you are at the beach. It is dark and deserted. You think you are alone, when suddenly you begin hearing voices very close to you. Suddenly a group of unruly strangers appear -- Fearing they might be dangerous. What does your man do?

1. He isn't really worried -- it probably isn't anything anyways
2. He grabs your hand and runs like hell
3. He gives you the keys to his car (which isn't parked too far) and tells you to run to the back to the car, so you are safe.
4. He panics, quickly turns around to leave, completely forgetting that you are there.

Of course you know you want your man to protect you and not run like a little baby! This is a sign that your life is worth more than his and it is a sign of strength and courage.

Find a protective man, and keep him!

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