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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Does My Man Love Me? How does he treat you in front of others?

One way to see how much a man cares for you is to watch how he treats you in front of other people. If he values you, he will be sure that in front of strangers, friends, family, or colleagues you are well liked and known.

At a Restaurant
Watch what he does when you are at a restaurant. Is he flirting with the waitress, and talking about how great he is to win her respect?

At a Party
Does he stand by your side when you are together at a party? Does he introduce you to people and speak highly of you? If you feel good when you are around him and other people, this is a very good sign that he does indeed care about you.

If a guy could really care less about your feelings, he could care less who you meet. You may just be there to keep him company and sit next to him at the table, so that he doesn't appear alone.

A guy that cares for you will show you off to his friends and family. He will be proud of you and say wonderful things about you to other people.

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