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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Does he like or love me

Does he like you or love you?

Here are some key differences between like and love:

1. Compare how he treats you to other girls. Some guys are nice to everyone and although you think he is flirting with you, he could be over friendly.
He likes you:
- If he is nice to you, but he treats everyone the same way. Watch if he gives you special treatment over others

He loves you:
-If he treats you even more special than other girls. He gives you extra attention, or when you ask for something, he is always ready and willing to help out first.

2. Check his nerves:
He likes you:
He always seems relaxed and calm. He seems at ease around you, especially if he doesn't know you that well.

He loves you:
He may become embarrassed around you, stumble over his words or seem a little off.

3. Staring: Does he stare at you extra long or when you aren't looking
He likes you: When saying hello, he glances quickly.

He loves you: He locks his eyes with yours. He holds his stare.

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