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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

He said you mean the world to me

Here's a reader questions: What does it mean when a man says "you mean the world to me"?

A man who tells you he thinks the world of you (and means it) truly cares for you! You are his everything and you deeply mean a lot to him. Consider this one of biggest compliments a man could give you!

A man who loves you deeply says: "You mean the world to me", "I cherish you" and "You are important to me". The thought of losing you would bring great sadness into his life! He admires you, cares for you, respects you and loves you very deeply!

Remember to always be sure to check his actions with his words! Do not let a guy express his "love" only through his words. Always be sure he is treating you respectfully and affectionately.

Good luck to all you ladies of the world!

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