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Friday, February 19, 2010

Does he love you? How can you tell if a man respects you? 4 ways you can tell

How can you tell if a man respects you? Read on to find out.

A man who respects you treats you well and values you. In love, respect is critical. If there is little or no respect, over time you may become rude to one another, talk down to each other and destroy your relationship.

Here are some ways a man displays his respect to you:
1. He treats you like a lady and wants to please you
A man who respects you, is polite to you. Although chivalry may be dead, and may women shy away from it, your man will open doors for you, ask you if you

2. He doesn't try to force himself upon you (e.g. sleep with you)
A man who respects you cherishes you. He isn't crass towards you, because is careful to not hurt you or turn you away. You can almost guarentee that when a man tries to get too physical too quickly , he really doesn't care much about you. This is especially true if he barely knows you.

Many women mistakenly think that if they sleep with a guy, that man will fall in love with them, when actually the opposite is true. Waiting to sleep together is a sign that you aren't sleeping with every person that comes along.

3. He asks for you opinion and listens carefully
At dinner, he wants you to order (even for him!). He trust your tastes and respects your opinions. If you have similar passions in art or design, he may ask you to examine his work and give insight.

Not only will a man he ask for your opinion, but you will notice he will focus intently on what you are saying, not interrupting. He may express any disagreements, but he does so with patience and kindness.

4. He follows your advice
Not only does a respectful man ask for your advice, but he acts on it. This is the ultimate sign of admiration. For example, let's say you mention he handsome he appears in dark green shades: take notice over the next few weeks. Does he wear the same dark green sweater in his closet when you are around? Does he purchase more dark green clothes? If he does, this is a good sign that he truly wants to please you and admires you.

Another example would be his work. If your man had an important meeting or class and he must give a presentation, he may ask you to listen and provide feedback. He gives you the presentation and asks you to critique him. Notice if he accepts and agrees with what you suggest, or just shrugs off (given of course you gave him good counsel).

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