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Saturday, February 13, 2010

He calls every few months, does he love me?

He calls every few months, does he love me?

If a guys calls every few months, this is probably a sign that he is thinking of you, but does not mean he is in love. It sounds more like a friendship -- that he's just calling to say hi, rather than a romantic interest.

If a guy wants to be with you, why would he wait that long to get in touch? A guy that cares for you *wants* to see you, *wants* to be near you and *wants* to talk to you on a regular basis.

Other reasons why he could rarely call:
1. He's incredibly busy
2. When he gets lonely, he knows you will pick up
3. He is still dating other women, and calls to check in to see if there's still a possibility
4. He lives very far away, so the chances of having a relationship are slim, so what's the point?
5. He calls when he has a problem, and you are someone that will listen

What does He Say
When he calls you, what does he say? Does he just talk about himself? Does he ask to see you? Does he give you other signs?

Ask him directly
We recommend coming out and asking him directly why he rarely calls! When he calls you, do you get your hopes up that there's a chance? If it feels unhealthy to you or you feel he gives you false hope, perhaps you shouldn't answer the phone anymore.

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