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Monday, February 22, 2010

Does My Man Love Me?: Do you stand up for yourself?

In continuation of the previous blog:

If you find that your man starts taking you for granted: Stand up for yourself

If you feel that he is really good at taking, taking taking, but never giving, giving giving: Stand up for yourself.

Everyone in the world can easily take another for granted, without even realizing it. It is important that you look at your situation and ensure that you also are getting want you need out of the relationship.

How to stand up for yourself tips
1. Don't nag. If you are standing up for something minute or silly, DON'T.
Pick and choose your battles, because you don't want to bicker about everything.
2. State the problem
3. Try not to get emotional about it, just simply state how you feel
4. State a solution.
5. Try to be specific. For example, "I feel that we need to talk more. I'd like to talk every other day for 5 minutes".
6. Tell him it is important to you.
7. Tell him you care about him and want this relationship to work, but this is something that you believe you need.
8. Take him aside, do not embarass him in front of others.

Some examples of things you should stand up for:
1. He expects you to do his laundry, clean, and cook for him, but he's not married to you. He never wants to take you out.
2. He is disrespectful in front of your friends or family.
3. He just spilled something all over your rug, and since you are laid back, he doesn't apologize or try to make amends. He should respect your things!

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