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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Does He Love Me? Do you try too hard?

Don't Try So Hard
Some women, when they have boyfriends do TOO much. Everything he asks for, she gives him. Whenever he states his opinion, she agrees. He calls, she runs to pick it up immediately. She always goes to *his* house, he never comes to hers. He asks her what she would like to do for a date, and she always replies "Whatever you want".

This, ladies is BORING! Even when you are in a settled relationship, you should still be a bit of a challenge. Unpredictable sometimes!

Even if he likes you at first, if you have nothing interesting to add to his life and you never challenge him, overtime, he may lose interest.

If you are one of these girls, I challenge you:
1. To tell your man to come to your house tonight!
2. To find a spectacular restaurant you have never experienced, and suggest it
3. To make him wait a few hours until you call him back
4. To disagree with him and logically state your opinion (without starting a fight)

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