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Sunday, February 14, 2010

He said he cares, Does that mean he loves me?

A man can easily say:
"I care about you"
"I love you"
"You mean the world to me"
"You are the one."

Many men have difficulty expressing themselves, whereas women are verbal and emotional creatures. When you hear a man tell you how wonderful you are, this feeds your inner desire to be loved and accepted. Women want to be adored and romanced, and a simple whisper in your ear, can make you fall deeply for someone.

Actions are more important than words
However, remember that words are not as important as loyalty and his treatment of you (see other posts).

Think of words as the juice on a steak (and if you are a vegetarian, then think of tofu instead).

Actions are the steak - Words are the spice
Words add taste to your relationship like sauces add succulence to your meat (tofu). Words are the spices or the hot. The steak is the meat or actions of your man. But over time, you can't jut eat sauce for a meal -- you will never fill you up! You need the protein of the meat to thrive.

In order to have a fulfilling relationship, you want both words and actions, just like in a steak (tofu) you want the protein plus the flavor.

Tips to measure his actions
-Does he call you and spend time with you?
-Is he there for you when you are sad?
-Does he work with you to resolve problems?
-Does he make you feel good about yourself?
-Is he consistent with you?

If what he DOES doesn't align to what he SAYS, then this is a sign he may not love you!

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  1. well what if he says " you do know that i care,love you but we need time to grow" .he also says that I should be happy that I have a man who understands the meaning and commitments ,what is he saying please help oh yea he is in prison but will be home sooooon .he also says even if he was he would not say it till time was right . I need someone to help me out with this man.