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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Does He Love Me #3

Your man does not love you if:

1. He is a flake.

If a man really wants you and loves you, his mind doesn't change. It doesn't change after a few days, weeks, months or even years. True love lasts and a man that knows you are special will keep working towards your love.

On the other hand a wish-washy man that sways from passionate deep love to apathy is not someone you want to be with.

Let's say on Tuesday he asks you out to dinner at a fine French Restaurant. You are thrilled to have a romantic evening together! He is planning something special and is going to wine you and dine you.

Then on Thursday night, he calls to say he has to work late. He asks to move your date to Saturday evening. You accept the change and think nothing of it.
Unfortunately, he calls late Saturday afternoon to tell you he has to meet up with his buddies and you will have to plan for another night. This is a classic example of flakiness. He cannot keep dates and times, he finds other things to do, while your time is moved back.

Flakiness is a total turn off. Don't fall in love with a guy like this. Don't fall for flaky men!

2. He says he is in love with you and someone else.

WRONG. Not going to happen. A man that cares deeply for you will not want to hurt you by telling you he has feelings for another. This man is S-E-L-F-I-S-H. You cannot have it all, honey!

A strong confident woman, will tell this man: You can have her! I don't want you!

A friend of mine recently broke up with a boyfriend of several years. A former flame from her college days contacted her out of the blue, asking to see her. During their meeting, he told her how much he loved her and he would break up with his current girlfriend so they could rekindle their long lost love. My friend was excited, but two weeks later, the guy tells her that he is isn't so sure anymore, and cares for both of them.

Let that loser go!

3. He is cheap cheap cheap cheap.

A man that cares for you, wants to impress you. He isn't going to be watching over every penny and he certainly isn't going to make you pay your share. If you are going dutch -- then you are friends.

A man that loojavascript:void(0)ks at you to be his future wife that he can trust and respect will begin seeing you as a team.

Now, I would also like to say that this man may expect you to pay as well. I believe that a woman should try to contribute financially, and not always expect the guy to pay. This is a sign of respect and love for him as well.

One of men's biggest fears is to be wanted for their money, so this is one way to prove to them that you are in it for love, not money!

Girls that are demanding and expect everything to be paid for, are on a sure way to the Dumped list.

4. He is quick to get angry at you.

Let's say you spill something in his car, on his clothes or on his rug. Or let's say you borrow his laptop and the laptop cracks his monitor.

How does he react? Does he scream at you? Does he make you feel stupid, and small? Or does at least try to still hold his own and be respectable?

This is a great sign of someone's character, how they react in very stressful situations.

Let's say you borrow his car and crash it, does he demand right away that you pay him back even if you are broke?

You see love, in all situations will shine through, even in the most horrendous of situations.

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