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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Love Quiz: Is he a good mate?

Take this love quiz to see if you have picked a good mate.

Here is a short quiz
Question 1

Rate his personality:
A) 0 - Dull or Moody - Not fun to be around
B) 1 - Nice guy. Somewhat entertaining
C) 2 - He is funny / brilliant / interesting/ we have a lot to talk about

Question 2
Rate your attraction:
A) 0 - Ugly / no attraction
B) 1 - Somewhat attractive
C) 2 - Hot! Sexy!

Question 3
Rate the way he treats you:
A) 0 - Mean / Rude
B) 1 - Neither mean nor nice - just there
C) 2 - Makes me feel special . treats me very well

Question 4
Rate his relationship with his parents
A) 0 - Hates his parents
B) 1 - Cordial, but not close.
C) 2 - Very close and loves them deeply.

Question 5
How much fun do you have together?
A) 0 - We never have fun together
B) 1 - We usually have fun every once in a while, when we are stressed.
C) 2 - We constantly joke around and tease each other. We are always trying to have fun.

Question 6
Do you respect him?
A) 0 - Not at all. He is kind of a loser and a wimp.
B) 1 - I feel that there is more he could do to improve himself (in his work or looks)
C) 2 - You respect him tremendously. You think there is something very special about him that other men do not have. You are drawn to him, perhaps his charisma, his charm or his dedication to his passion.

Add up your score
0-4: This is poor mate. It doesn't seem you two are a good match or that you are that into him and you don't feel strongly about him. It is important to pick a guy that you love too.
4-8: He is just passing the time. He seems like a good fellow, but it is unclear if this is love or you just need someone around to fill your time. Search your heart to see if you truly care about him, or you are just lonely.
8-12: He seems like a wonderful man a solid partner. There are many great things about this man, and you should cherish your relationship. He may not be perfect, but his postive qualities outweight the negatives.

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