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Monday, February 8, 2010

Does He love you: Does he tolerate your bad habits?

Stop for a minute and think about your annoying habits or negative characteristics. Keep thinking, we know you have a few! Do you borrows his clothes, interrupts his phone calls, complain too much about work? Perhaps you freak out regularly over family problems and you end up crying on his shoulder every month.

There will be those things that your man does not like about you. Even if he loves you to great depths, there will still be a few things about you that he could do without. Despite the fact there he may dislike, he will grin and bare it for you! He may ask you to stop, but he will tolerate even your bad habits if he cares about you deeply.

The man may direct you towards "better options": maybe how you should be a little cleaner, or you might be able to clean your hair out of the shower regularly, but a guy would not break up with you over something silly like this!

Love is tolerance of each other -- even the bad!

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