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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Does he love me? Is your love healthy?

Some people will take any kind of love. They are not selective enough and end up in abusive or emotionally painful relationships. Or they end up in relationships that are unbalanced.

Choose to be alone rather than in an unhealthy relationship
It is better for you to be alone, than in a relationship roller coaster ride. Life is more than just having a relationship.

One reason why you want to seek out a healthy and positive relationship is because negative and destructive relationships will ruin other parts of your life. Worry will cause you loss of sleep, anxiety and put you in a bad mood. Stay away from these relationships. Some women think they will "fix" the man and have pity on him. Don't! Your job is not to save someone. You may get sucked into his mess, and end up messy yourself. Instead find a great guy that will care for you and respect you.

When you are with a man who supports you and cares about you, then you don't have to wonder what he's doing or who he's flirting with. Instead, you can use your energy contrjavascript:void(0) in the world, finishing your degree or advancing at your job.

Some people were brought up in a family where consternation and fighting was the norm, but truly the best relationships are one in which each partner thrives. There is understanding, caring, reason and fun!

People who stay in unhealthy relationships, because they "love" the other person have the right to do so, however hold on for a bumpy ride. You get to choose your partner, so you should keep your eyes wide open when you see major flaws in who he is as a person.

In the end, it is your decision to stay or go. If a man lacks some serious fundamental qualities, then you are wise to leave.

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