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Thursday, February 4, 2010

5 Signs he is not in love.

Hello everyone!
Another post to determine if a man truly loves you.

He doesn't love you if:

1. You aren't meeting his friends and family

If a man is "keeping you hidden" and as his little secret, be warned, this man probably doesn't love you.

If you are sure that's not the case, and you have never met his friends or family, nor are there any plans to meet the family, then this is a RED FLAG that he doesn't see you as someone he could be with the rest of his life.

If he isn't mentioning you to anyone he knows-- he probably doesn't see you in his future.

A man that loves you is excited for you to meet his parent, bring you to dinner with his friends and even his colleagues.

2. He isn't making any time for you

Even if you are president of the world, if you love someone, you will make time for them.

Think about President Obama. He's dealing with a major financial breakdown, healthcare reform, terrorism, and so forth.

He still makes time for his family! When he was a senator, he would fly back to Chicago to see his children regularly. This is a man devoted to his woman and kids. That is what you want and deserve!

3. He never asks you how you are doing

Let's say you tell your man a story about something that happened at work. Your boss yelled at you, you are undergoing surgery, your mother is in the hospital.

Part of love is caring and ensuring that that person is concerned for your well being. If he isn't following up with you on matters that are very important, this man isn't to concerned for you.

4. He always wants his way

It's always HIS restaurant, HIS type of potato chips, HIS tv show, HIS HIS HIS.
If you find that he never gives in , and always gripes if he doesn't get his way. I have two words for you: GET OUT

5. He isn't physical

He doesn't want to hold your hand. IN the car, he doesn't want to put his hand on your leg. He either was never held as a child, has intimacy issues, or isn't that into you.

If he has issues, you should try to talk to him about it and see what is going on. But if you know that he's just a little too stand-offish: He no likey you.

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