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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Agonizing over Love?

Do you sit for hours and wonder -- Does my man love me?

Agonizing over love?
Many women are in constant agony over this question, confused by their man's actions or words. If you are unsure how to look for signs, then this is the place for you!

What we mean by love
When I refer to love, I am referring to unconditional love. This includes: respect, honor, integrity, thoughtfulness, maturity and good character.

A healthy, loving relationship means happiness and growth for you as an individual. A relationship where you feel wanted and cared for is not easy to find, but is possible. Read the signs your man gives to ensure he's the one for you!

Many people have never learned what to look for in a mate. We are here to tell you is ultimately to choose a partner with SOLID CHARACTER. These attributes are what make incredible leaders, solid parents, and future generations of happy and healthy people.

False definitions of love:
always getting your way
always getting a man to buy you things
always getting your man to do what you want

Love Begets Love: Give it to Get It
If you want love, you also have to express love. Consider daily how you treat him. Are YOU unselfish? Do you say he is "wonderful" and "special". Any of these blog posts that apply to HIM also apply to YOU.

Happy Reading!

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