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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Why men fall in love

1. Common Interests -- You aren't clueless
"I fell in love with a girl when she could tell me what a 6-4-3 DP meant in a baseball box score without having to be told 3,987 times. "
Impress a guy with your knowledge and you could find him falling in love very quickly!

2. You inspire him to bigger things
You encourage him, believe in him and allow him to talk about his success and struggles. A strong woman who stands by her man can truly steal a man's heart! Supportive, positive, and independent women can impact a man's life in great ways and light a fire under him to pursue great dreams.

3. You compliment Him with your personality/background
He's the shy, nerdy guy. You are the outspoken, funny, extrovert.
You are the sensitive, warm, loving and he is strong and powerful.
You are book smart. He is street smart.

4. You stand up for yourself -- and gain his respect
A woman that doesn't let a man walk over her, or stands up for what she believes in gains instant respect and admiration from a man. Respect is critical in love. Never let a man put you down!

When standing up for yourself, say things like:
"Honey, I care about you, but I find it inappropriate..."
"Honey, You are wonderful, but don't ever put me down in front of others.."
"Honey, I am who I am. Do not try  to change me "

Of course we all have weaknesses and areas that need improvement. Appreciate his loving criticism, but be smart about when his comments are unnecessary or unloving.

5. You love him deeply and are affectionate

A man who knows that his woman loves -- given it is the right woman, he will love her all the more. If you are wishy washy, or unsure, he may start looking for someone that will be solid and true to him! 

Best wishes to all of you  marvelous females!

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