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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Signs It is Time for a Break Up

When is it time to part ways?

1. You see your friends or family more than him
That's because he is always too busy for you. You have to beg him for his time and when he does give you his time -- he makes you feel guilty for it. This is not what a relationship should look like. He should be going out of his way to see you -- if he loved you and the timing is right.

2. You give way more than you receive
It seems you are the one working hard in the relationship, cooking his meals, doing his laundry, paying for things, sacrificing and dishing out love. He on the other end is demanding, complaining, telling you to change, and finally making his life way more important and valuable than yours.

3. You argue way too often and for a long time
If you find that you are arguing constantly, this is a sign that things are headed downhill fast.

4. You are consistently sad
Instead of feeling happy to see him, or happy when you are away from him, you find yourself lonely and feeling unfulfilled.

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