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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Does He Love You -- Relationship Snags

What happens when your relationship hits a snag? For example, he's been very busy at work and you haven't seen him in awhile. He (or you ) are constantly late, messy, cheap, tired, sad, and so goes the list.

If a man loves you -- the thought of losing you will definitely cause him to stir into action. He will become very solution oriented, figuring out "a plan" to make sure things will work. Inevitably, if a man feels he cares for you and you are wonderful, he will bend his ways, and be determine to find a "happy medium" or some men may simply cave in altogether.

If you are the problem (you are nagging him, you want him to always pay for things, you have been demanding and driving him nuts) he will try to figure out a compromise -- instead of dropping you like a hot potato.

On the other hand, a man who doesn't truly care for you, will find your relationship disposable. He may threaten you with a breakup, tell you he could easily find another, or tell you he doesn't care if thing work out.

A man that loves you will work through your (and his) issues and compromise.

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