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Friday, May 7, 2010

Are you in Love with a Loser?

Today's message is about dating a loser. Some women have such a terrible sense of self worth that they accept losers into their lives, because they feel they can do not better.

It is so critical to value yourself in a relationship, so you know when to stand up for yourself and know when you are being mistreated.
Below are some tips to help you to "see the light".

1. He makes you feel unworthy.

If a man is putting you down, making comments that you are not good enough or smart enough. If he is correcting your speech or publicly embarrassing you, take note sister: you are dating a loser. If you are not good enough for him, then why is he sticking around?
A man should be positive and love you for who you are instead of trying to change you. If he is trying to mold into someone he wants you to be, get ready for a life of unhappiness.

2. You change to make him happy.

Perhaps you used to be joyful and talkative. You used to have a free spirit and were friendly to everyone. Now you are afraid that you might say something inappropriate or wrong, causing him to correct you. When he comes over, you have to be careful to tidy up and make sure you look your best for him.

3. He's Cheap Now. He'll be cheap Later.
A guy who's frugal with you and keeps his money closer to his side than you is a loser. Watch Out! Someone who cannot be generous with you financially is a big sign of  a lack of deep love and thoughtfulness.

4. You are kept on the back-burner
Even though you have been dating for awhile, he doesn't really want to fully commit to you, is afraid of marriage and says he's still figuring things out. He keeps you around just in case, but he still wants to keep his options open. Basically, so far you are the best thing he's going to get, but you aren't really "the one". Although he is far from perfect, he wants perfection.

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