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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Things you do that cause him NOT to fall in love.

Here are a few things you can do, to ensure a guy doesn't fall in love with you.

1. Act Selfishly

Awesome men want a lady who is kind, thoughtful and generous. Selfish girls that talk about themselves all the time, demand their way, never want to pay for anything - make a guy fall out of love FAST.

2. Talk about how badly you want to have a wedding/get married/have babies

If you urge a man into marriage and talk incessantly about your dream to walk down the aisle, he may think you could care less who you walk down the aisle with as long as  you get there.

A guy wants to feel that he is special to you, and one way to do this is avoid talking about your wedding, before you know or a guy has decided he even wants to marry you!

Of course it is smart to check in and make sure a man is wanting the same long term goal, but you could definitely turn a guy off by abusing this topic of conversation.

3. Not reaching out/ caring for his family and friends

You should definitely make an effort to know his family and friends. This is a sign that you are in it for the long term and care about those that love him.

Judging his friends or family could really hurt him and make him feel he has to choose between you and them. So, be careful what you say about those close to him! Act like his family is yours and his friends are your future buddies.

4. Get physical too soon

A woman who respects herself gains respect from men. Kissing a guy too quickly, "giving him what he wants", or allowing him to touch you too soon can be (and I am not saying this is always the case, but it is likely) a way he will immediately know you are not a long term girlfriend prospect.

Now, if you can hold a conversation and talk passionately about a topic, this is a sure fire way to get him to fall in love for the right reasons!

5. Do everything he demands
Saying "no" once in awhile is surprisingly a good thing. Would you want a "yes" man in your relationship? Or do you want a guy who has an opinion and will put the smack down on you, when you deserve it? The same goes for you-- if you fall for a man, you may have the urge to do back flips for him to such an extent, he loses respect for you.

You should definitely express your love, but do not become his: slave, maid, grocery shopping, laudro-mating, hooker of a woman.

Best of luck to you beautiful ladies of the world!

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