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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Check Facebook for Signs of His Love

Examine his facebook page for insights on how he feels about you.

1. Does He Post Post Pictures of you alone or together?
Sign he loves you!

2. Does He comment on your Facebook page and (extra bonus) -- he's affectionate publicly towards you?
Sign he loves you!

3. Is he adding a slew of other single girls on his Facebook Pages?
Why is he adding other so many single girls? Not a good sign he loves you.

4. Is he flirting with these other single girls publicly?
Not a sign he loves you -- he should make you feel secure about your relationship and be committed to you!

5. If you ask who these single girls are (perhaps before you started dating).  Does he tell you he will take them down so you feel comfortable? 
A guy that will  go out of his way to make you feel secure in the relationship -- is a keeper! Huge sign he cares for you deeply.

Good luck to you beautiful ladies of the world!

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