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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Does He Love you? He fell in love *really* fast

Don't be one of those women who are fooled by the fast charmer. The man who has a fantastic smile, a great personality, very good looking -- what could be the perfect man! He may barely know you, but he seems to warm up very quickly.

He compliments you frequently, tries to get physically close very fast. He also may try to get to know you very quickly as well. He could ask you many questions (without talking about himself). He seems highly focused on you and very interested! Can you believe you have found "the one". A man who is totally and completely devoted to you -- only within only a few short days/weeks.

Hold on, Girl and listen up! A guy that falls that fast for you isn't in love, he is in lust/obsession or just got out of another relationship. If you are looking for real love, let it blossom and grow over time. 

 Love is built on a foundation of friendship and trust. So don't confuse quick obsession with glorious love. 

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