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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Signs He Cares

Question from a reader: What are some signs he cares?

1. He surprises you
He surprises you with little things. He bought your favorite chocolate at the store; he wrote you a little note to wish you best of luck on your exam; he did your laundry without asking. These little things are signs he is thinking about you throughout the day, while he is on his errands, or when he gets up in the morning.

2. He is worried about your health and safety
Someone who wants to protect you and worries about you is a big sign that he cares for you. If he gets upset when you are sick, or are experiencing re-occurring symptoms, he is concerned for your well being.

He doesn't want you engaging in dangerous activities, because the thought of losing you deeply troubles him. If you were ever in a dangerous situation , he would first think about protecting you over himself.

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