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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Does He Love You? What does he do when he's out of town?

Pay attention to what happens when your guy goes out of town. Perhaps he's going away to visit friends or family, a business trip, or he is taking a "guys weekend". Whatever the reason, ask yourself the below questions, to see if he cares!

If your man is gone for a week, does he miss you?

1. Does he contact you while gone?
Is he calling you regularly to see how you are doing and tell you he misses you? Does he call you, send you emails or try to chat with you?

2. Does he bring you back something?
If he brings you a gift this is an extra bonus!

3. Does he say he wishes you were there?
A guy that cares for you wants you near! He will tell you -- Baby, I wish you were near me to see the beach, forest, or say, honey we should come here together.

4. Does he ask you to go?
A guy that cares for you, will try to see if you can meet up with you over the weekend, or if you can join on the entire trip!

On the other hand if you never hear from him, watch out! He may not care as deeply for you as you would hope.

Best of like to you ladies!

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