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Saturday, May 15, 2010

When a man says he cares for you but is not in love with you.

Here is a reader's question:
If a man says he cares for you, but does not love you --what does that mean and what should you do?

This means: HE DOES NOT LOVE YOU!!! Do not stick around! You should stop spending time with this person if you are becoming emotionally attached and are hoping he will fall in love with you. This man will still be dating other girls, despite the fact that he is aware of the fact that you love him.If you are waiting around HOPING he will change his mind about you -- DON'T -- he already has! 

The majority of men are straightforward communicators. In a case such as this, this man probably sees many wonderful attributes in you. Perhaps you a sweet and generous, and a fun companion, but he clearly doesn't want to be with you, so stop holding on!

Smart daters understand that sometimes no matter how hard you try, how much love you give, or who you try to change to be-- someone won't fall in love with you. It is best to find someone who is ready to care and love for you the way you deserve.

Some women may stick around with this man, even though he said he isn't really interested in marrying her. BAD IDEA~ This is a waste of time and energy (especially if you are ready to find the one and settle down). Furthermore, it can cause a great deal of pain after you have invested emotionally in someone.

Good luck Ladies!!!!!

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