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Monday, May 31, 2010

Always Breaking Up?

The breakup boyfriend.

If you are constantly breaking up and getting back together with a boyfriend, this is  a serious sign of relationship trouble. Consider not talking for awhile and trying to figure out if this relationship is really worth saving.

1. The problem that won't disappear
Most couples fight over the same problems -- money, sex, work, kids, chores.
Whatever you are fighting over now probably will be the same fight you have in a month or year. So you need to find a solution and stick with it. Accept each other for who you are and lower expectations to increase happiness. For example, if he is always late, then understand that this is part of him and don't expect him to be on time.

2. Fighting is ok
Happy couples fight. But, how you fight is what is important. Respect each other, listen to what your partner is saying and try to find a solution that makes you both happy.

3. Can you live with it?
You meet. You date. You fall in love. And then reality hits -- He has little time for you. He's always cheap. You don't find his jokes funny. He's messy. He's not a gentleman. He drinks too much. He's a loner.

Whatever the case, ask yourself -- if he never changes, can you live with this for the *rest* of your life?
If the thought of him being the same man in 20 years, makes you want to pull out your hair, and stick your head in an oven, then you probably should move on.

Expect this person to be the same they are today instead of someone you will mold him into.

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