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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

He has a girlfriend/wife, but he says he loves me. Could he love me?

Listen up!

1. HE is cheating on his wife/girlfriend.
2. If he he is cheating on his wife/girlfriend -- He is very likely to cheat on you.
3. You choose who you love. Make sure you find someone who has values.
4. This man does not have values.
5. You should not choose this man as your partner.

Tiger woods cheated on his girlfriend for his wife (Elin Nordegren).
Tiger woods cheated on his wife (Elin Nordegren) for another 16 women.

This situation is a like saying
"I have a hot of boiling water in a pot, if I dump on my head, will it hurt?"

Here's another:
"Whenever I walk in the snow without shoes, my feet get very cold". It's snowing outside, should I wear shoes?

And a final one:
When I speed down my local highway, I have been ticketed. Will I be ticketed if I speed this time?

You are dealing with a man who has cheated. Do you want to take the chance he will cheat on you?

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