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Friday, March 12, 2010

4 Red Flags He does not love you

1. You are constantly breaking up and getting back together.
Things should run smoothly most of the time. When your relationship runs into trouble, you need to work it out, but someone who loves you does not want to lose you. Instead they will fight to stay with you. Constant fighting is a sign that you have "lost that loving feeling" and you need to re-evaluate if it worthwhile to stay together.

When two people are ready to commit, they focus on each other and getting through hard times.

2. He says he is not sure if you are the one - and doesn't want to commit
This is a good indication that he doesn't love you and is not afraid to lose you. Let him go, if he tells you this. Find a man who cherishes you.

3. He says he never wants to get married
With this situation, it could be the timing is off, he doesn't want to settle down with you, or he has had very bad experience with marriage.

When a guy meets the woman of his dreams, he pictures a house and family. If your relationship isn't fantastic enough to convince him, then your best bet is to move on.

4. You aren't getting invited anywhere
He does not invite you to meet his friends, family, and co-workers. New Years, he is making plans with other people. He doesn't ask what you are doing over the weekend, because he doesn't care.

Too many women hold off thinking he's so busy and has an active social life. Stop making excuses - if you aren't spending time with him, move on!

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