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Friday, March 26, 2010

Does my boyfriend love me if he's mean to me?

Another question from a reader: Does my boyfriend love me if he's mean to me?

I am sorry I have to answer this question at all, because it should be obvious to many women. However, for those of you who aren't sure and  need someone to point it out.

Does my boyfriend love me if he's mean to me?
The answer is a resounding: No! 

Do you want someone to mistreat you for the rest of you life? Do you want someone that puts you down and makes you sad? You are the creator of your life! No one can control the decisions you make. And you are making the choice to stay with this person. If someone is mean to you, you need to have some self respect and say "No Thank You!". You have the option to leave if someone is not caring for you and treating you well.

It is not your responsibility to save this person and try to change them if they treat you poorly. Help them seek help, but do not get romantically involved.

Before finding love, you should work on loving yourself. You should understand the difference between someone who cares for you and someone who does not. You should explore the world, learn , read, join in activities and have fun! Having a man in your life isn't the only wonderful thing in the world.

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