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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Do you love each other? Signs of a healthy relationship

1. You give each other freedom.
You let each other be who you are naturally. One is not trying to control the other. You don't expect the other person to change over time, but accept them for their faults.

2. You both are striving to be the best for each other.
You understand the limitations to each other and you both strive to be the best for each other, so the relationship can be healthy. You are putting time into the relationship. You communication clearly to understand the other person's needs.

3.You want each other for the right reasons.
You want each other, because you truly care deeply for each other. You wish the best for your partner, and want his/hers success. You aren't in it for money, fame, boredom, or desperation.

4. Each sacrifices and serves at times.
One person is not always getting their way. Both of you must make sacrifices at times.

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