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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Does He love You? Since he met you --He's Becoming a Better Man.

When you first meet a man and he feels strongly towards you, you will start to notice that he wants to change for the better, so you will love him more.

1. He wants to be the best for you.
He says it! When a man cares about you, he wants to be kinder, gentler, and a more fantastic human being. You inspire him to excel.

2. He wants to take care of himself, get in shape and look good.
You will see him exercising more, lifting weights. You may see him dressing nicer for you or fixing his hair, just for you!

3. He is more interested in his career and providing for you, rather than having fun.
A man that has met his woman that he cherishes, will want to get serious, especially if he is interested in starting a family and wants you to be the mother of his children.

4. He is maturing every day.
You see him considering your thoughts more, becoming more self-less and become more attached to you.

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