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Saturday, March 13, 2010

First Love Yourself before you ask: Does he love me.

Before you start looking for love and wondering if a guy loves you. You better love yourself and love your life. You should be happy alone and not expect someone to bring that happiness.

Enjoy Being Single
You should enjoy being single while you have freedom. Being single allows you to explore the world, educate yourself, experiment with dating all sorts of guys, without feeling you need to please another person or live by their rules. When you are single - it is your life and your rules. You are responsible for your life and how great it turns out to be!

If you pick the first guy that comes along without being sure of who you are or what you know then you may wonder what is out there. Settling down too quickly before you have grown into your full self, can wreak havok on your relationships.

Don't Torture Yourself
If you are single, do not constantly worry over when you will meet "the one". Stop looking and every time you enter an elevator, go grocery shopping, walk in the park and run into a man, you are thinking: "Could he be the one?". This constant agonizing and focusing over find "the one" can lead to a torturous way of living.

Love Yourself First, but how?

Educate Yourself
-- Get certified,
-- Get another (or your first) degree
-- Take a class once a week at your local Jr College.

Be passitionate about something!
Throw yourself into becoming very good at ONE thing. Practice Practice Practice!
Some examples:
-- Become a superb cook. Read through the joy of cooking and try to cook three times a week a new and interesting recipe.

-- Play the guitar - even if you learn to play 1 or 2 songs

-- Find the coolest hiking trails on the weekend and explore!

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