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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Does He love his (fill in the blank mom, the kids, the dog, his job) more than me?

One viewer asked: Does my man love ______ (fill in the blank: kids, dog, him mom, his motor cycle, his car, his job) more than me?

I hate to say it, but be careful not to be that jealous girl! Don't be insecure with your man, instead give him freedom and he will love you more.

1. Do you love anything else besides your man? (the kids, your shoes, your job, your parents).

2. I ask you: does your man show you love? Does he tell you he loves you and spends time with you?

The situation is this: if you ONLY had each other and nothing else in life: Life would get extremely boring. So, let your man spend time with his mom, his dog, his job (naturally) so he can be fulfilled in other ways.

If you always restrict him from doing what he wants, he could grow bitter towards you. If you are always wondering if you come FIRST in the relationship, it shows that you are insecure. If you have a specific concerns, you may want to speak with him directly. For example:
He isn't spending a lot of time with you lately
He is spending a lot of money on his hobby and nothing else
He has canceled on you several times, to do or be with someone else

If he loves you, he will try work with you and make you happy too!

Good luck, girls!

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