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Monday, June 28, 2010

Does He Love Me if he is very critical?

Overtime whoever you choose to love and spend your time with eventually, you will discover his faults over time these fault may really start to drive you nutty, even if you care for him deeply. Likewise, he will see those areas of your life that you really need help and are lacking.

Here are a few examples:

Now, let's say you are a laid back( he may call it lazy), and he is a highly motivated overachiever. Guess who's going to get a lecture on being lazy and not working hard enough. You do! 

Perhaps you are a little bit messy, or careless and tend to stain your clothes a lot or leave wet towels on the floor of your bedroom. Well, your neat boyfriend may become very disappointed in you every time he sees your clothing hanging on a chair, your drawer hanging out of the dresser, or your trash filling over calling to be emptied. 

Let's say you are very shy and he is incredibly outgoing -- guess who may get a lecture on being extroverted (despite the fact that you hate small talk). You will!

And let's say since you've been dating you have gained a few pounds, who's smacking your hand telling you to stop going for that second piece of cake and your brother's wedding! He will!

Ok, so the question I pose here is -- if he is critical, then does this mean he doesn't love you?.

The answer: Watch how he says it
I believe you should watch his tone. If he cares about you (and you care about you) you should be the best woman you can! If he is nudging you to be healthier, lovelier, more sweet, or more passionate, this can't be bad! If he does it out of love -- then call it constructive criticism and listen to what the man is saying!

However, if he is rude, if he makes you feel incredibly down about yourself, if he treats you like a child and yells at you, then  honey , watch out!. This isn't love, that is control!  You don't want a man to mold you into the person he wants you to be . You should have the space to be who you are and be accepted without having to change for him.

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