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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Does He Love You? He surprises You with things you love

Men that loves you will surprise you!

1.Surprise: A beautiful view
You have plans to spend time together and you jump in his car for an ordinary day.  On the way, he gives  you the impression that perhaps he needs to run errands , or go back to his office to pick something up. You think little of it, but are a little confused why his errands seem to be 30 minutes away from his house. Suddenly, you are in a new city! He pulls up alongside a beautiful beach with a view of the city. You walk along the beach holding hands , and he tells you he loves you.

2. Birthday Surprise
A guy that loves you wants to get you excited! He may make you think that One way he can do this is to secretly plan a party behind your back. Without even realizing, he has emailed all your friends and family, picked out a cake, and organized a whole day around you! A guy that goes out of his way to surprise you for a special day, really loves you!


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