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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Just Because He Does This, Does Not Mean He Loves You

Just because he...
1. takes you to fancy restaurants
2. tells you he thinks your great
3. makes love to you
4. calls you back when you call him
5. occasionally "hangs out" with you
6. occasionally calls you
7. invites you to hang out with his friends
8. thinks you have a good time together
9. has similar interests as you
10. buys you flowers or gifts
11. Tells you that you are beautiful

Does Not Mean He Is In Love With You

On the other hand, if
1. He is loyal to you
2. He is considerate of your feelings
3. He apologizes when he has hurt you
4. He works though difficulties rather than wanting it his way
5. He is unselfish
6. He is honest with you
7. He listens to your needs
then these are good indications of love. And this is what you should look for in a man

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