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Sunday, June 20, 2010

To Find Love You Need Humility

There are many women out there who can't find their man, not from lack of men that surround them or potential dates, but because no man can live up to these women's ridiculous standards. These women perceive each man as not good looking enough, not having the right job, not having enough education or not being capable of  charming their socks off to be the one. These women know exactly what they "want", and they waste many years looking for this man to fit their demanding list.

 And so, these women go on with their lives, dating men, barely giving them any opportunity, and then moving onto the next man in hopes that he will fulfill the long list of traits she has created.

Perhaps they are looking for "the one"-- their soul-mate, in which they find an incredibly amount of chemistry and passion that they are driven wild with desire. Some women will not want a guy who is "too nice" because they will walk all over them. They want a strong man!

Many women think that every man they encounter are not good enough for them for a variety of reasons. And by the time you reach your 30s, and you still haven't found love, they finally may wonder: Perhaps the problem does not reside in the men I am dating, but in my attitude and expectations of  picking a partner.

And so, I say to these ladies, you can'f find a man to meet all of their expectations: Approach Love with Humility
Stop judging a guy on 1 date! So what if the you are the same height or if he is growing a small bald spot. So what if he didn't go to the best university in the country, or his job is boring. So what if you squeeze his arms and you see they are not as strong as Mr. T! If this man will be loyal, love you, and treat you well and hopefully he will make you laugh, then give him a chance. If you approach dating WITHOUT a long list of must have's -- this is when you find love!

Be humble when you date, judging his every move and phrase to determine his level of intelligence and wealth is a terrible way to find true love.

Wishing you the happiest love lives!!!!

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