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Friday, June 4, 2010

The Love Test: Take a backseat and see what happens.

Here's a good love test. If you are the person usually calling, emailing, stopping by and asking your man to get together, try this test!

Do not contact him, email him, phone him, or request to see him and see what he does!

A guy that cares for you and misses you will most certainly be begging to know when you are available next and why you are so busy. If you do not hear from him, and he doesn't seem concerned, you might want to reconsider the relationship.

I am not suggesting play games, but instead see what happens when you aren't the first to initiate. Take a "back seat" approach and see if he starts to take the lead and ask to see you.

For some men, not talking for a few days is not an issue, so it may be a day or two (or three) before he realizes. However, this is a good test (especially for aggressive women) to see if he cares for you.

Again, do not play games, but instead allow him to "lead the way" and you will get some good insights.

Good luck lovely ladies!

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