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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Does He Love You? Looking good for him until you are 100.

After being in a relationship after several month, you may start to come off of your "honeymoon" of getting to know each other and  begin to feel comfortable and secure in the relationship. You begin to understand each other's quirks, and pains.

At this point --you see his faults and he sees yours. You may have had a few fights, and maybe even have been close to calling off the relationship when it hit a snag.. One important aspect of a relationship as dating starts to fade, and you get into the groove of your relationship -- is the perception that you can stop trying to be what you were when you started the dating dance: the sexiest, most loving, sweet, and irresistible girl you were when he first laid eyes on you.

Look Good for Him Until you are 100
I am here to say --don't let that happen! Do not get lazy with your relationship, because this is what causes love to fade. Instead, agree to look good for him forever -- until you are 100. Make a pact to be the best you can be from the moment you started dating until the day you are laid into the ground, and you will find his love grow for you!

So -- put on that sexy lipstick, find a delicious perfume that is irresistible, then wear a beautiful dress that highlights your figure, or a soft sweater that he doesn't want to stop touching!

Never Stop Having Special Dates
At least once a month , have a date night (or day) where you find a local band, a quaint restaurant, or a secluded lake that you can be alone and enjoy a new atmosphere. Spend time reconnecting and focusing solely on each other.

Habits kill your relationship!

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