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Thursday, June 10, 2010

On Again Off Again .

The scenario:
You have a man who you love dearly, and he cares about you (but does not love you). You want to be with him, and he "kind of" wants to be with you, but won't really commit. You are constantly breaking up and getting back together. He will break it off, say he needs space, and then he will proceed to squirm his way back into your life. He tells you how much he misses you, and how you are the one for him. He showers you with affection, love, gifts, flowers, kisses, and attention.

Of course you fall for it. Because you love him and cherish him, even though he has caused you great pain. And so..
You take him back.

Weeks go by, everything seems fine, maybe even a few months go by. And then: it happens again. He needs space, he isn't sure about the relationship, and he wants out. He leaves you.

And then, he wants you back again.
The cycle continues to repeat itself.

This can go on for years, even an entire lifetime.

So listen up closely!

For your own sanity: If a guy breaks up with you , telling you he needs space then wants to get back again. Let him go for good. I highly suggest cutting off the relationship all together. There's a reason why he keeps doing this! He doesn't want to be with you and although he sees your value, inside he is truly questioning if he wants to be with you forever.

Whenever you find yourself in a situaiton like this: Get out! This will lead to a lifetime of unhappiness and pain! A guy that is breaking up and getting back with you -- Does NOT LOVE you!

You have the option of whether you will let someone into your life that treats you poorly.

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