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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Love Test: Results

Continuing from our last post -- now it is time to examine your results!

After taking a back seat for a few days, what was your result?

1. You noticed he called and asked when he would see you again.
He missed you! He does care about you -- as soon as you took a backseat and were no longer easily available, he realized how much he cares about you. He was more affectionate and loving, and appreciative of your relationship.

Conclusion: when you aggressively always call him, and are always available you might be taken for granted. Be sure you let him do work on his part.

2. He didn't call.
If he barely noticed that he hadn't talked to you in awhile, this is not a good sign. This relationship may be completely one sided. You are easy to be with, and he isn't interested in pursuing you. If you drop all contact on your end and never hear from him again, let him go! Do not be in a relationship that is one sided!

Conclusion: You should consider whether he truly loves you or this relationship is more just out of convenience for him.

Good luck, Ladies!

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