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Friday, April 2, 2010

Why do i feel like my boyfriend doesn't love me?

Here's a question from the reader:
Why do i feel like my boyfriend doesn't love me

Here are two possibilities

Explanation 1. Your gut is saying something: Listen Carefully!
Always always always follow your gut when it comes to men. If you feel a man is not genuine, caring or  you are being used, then clearly there is something wrong with the situation. When a man loves you, you should feel peace, comfort and acceptance.

Building Trust at First
Now, if you are at the early stages of your relationship, you may have doubts while you build trust and learn who he really is, but over time his actions should show you that you can trust him and he wants to be with you.

If over time, you do not feel he treats you well, then you should really sit down and speak with him about the matter. Perhaps he doesn't realize that you need extra attention. If a man loves you, he wants to make you feel loved. If he doesn't want to talk about this matter, or does nothing to change, you may really consider if this is the right relationship for you.

Conclusion: Always listen to your gut when it comes to deciding if he loves you!

Explanation  2. He really does love you, but you are insecure and do not know how to be loved

If you are a very insecure girl and do not love yourself, then it will make your relationships with men much harder. You may never really feel loved or wanted. Even if your man showers you with gifts, takes you to dinner, plans hikes and trips, tells you he loves you, kisses you passionately and treats you with the highest regard, you are so destructive towards yourself, that you may always feel unworthy and unwanted.

So, how do you fix this? Here are some ideas:
 A) Get a life! Build confidence, get good at something and be proud!
Sign up for classes, read an inspirational book and force yourself to learn about the world. The goal is to stop focusing on yourself and focus on all the wonderful things you can experience in life.

 B) Get therapy: Learn the difference between healthy vs. unhealthy relationships

Conclusion: Figure out if the problem is really your low self esteem that makes you feel unloved.

Hugs to all the beautiful women that deserve the greatest love from a man!

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