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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Does He Love Me if he is never jealous?

Here is a reader question: Does He Love Me if he is never jealous?

Here are some thoughts:

1. A highly jealous partner can destroy a relationship

2. People who feel confident and secure in a relationship will trust their partner.

3. At the early stages of a relationship, insecurity and lack of history/knowledge of your partner could lead to jealousy.

4. If someone isn't afraid to lose you/doesn't care much about your relationship, they will likely not experience jealousy.

5. Jealousy is really just a reflection of insecurity/immaturity in the relationship.

6.  If you date all sorts of men, you will find: some men are easily jealous while others may never express these emotions.

7. People who are mature and love their partner deeply, want to give security to their partner (and do not want their partner to feel jealous).

8. There are some people who want to draw attention to themselves and make their partner jealous, so they can be sure their partner cares for them

Men are like cakes. There are spice cakes, chocolate cakes, vanilla (plain), cream cheese cakes and so on. Men come in all sorts of shapes in sizes and some may be wildly jealous and feel passionate about fidelity while others may feel confident in your relationship, even if you are talking to a sexy, brilliant, and funny man.

Conclusion: Instead of only looking at 1 indication, jealousy to measure love, I suggest you measure it in more positive ways!

Best of luck to you! Wishing you a happy and fulfilling relationship!

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