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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Does He Love Me? 5 Signs he wants to get serious

Here is a reader question: Does he want get serious?
Here are five signs he's getting serious about you.

1. He talks about your future together.
He talks about future events you will attend together (these may be months away). He will send you information on future weddings of his friends, discuss a holiday visit with the family, a lake trip with friends. He may talk about where he wants to live years from now, gauging your reaction or how he pictures a future life(with you).

2. He takes it slow.
A guy that sees you in his future won't try to get in your panties quickly. He is respectful and takes his time. He wants to get to know your character and your personality over the curves of you body. He isn't putting the moves on you, but instead enjoying your company.

3. He opens up.
A guy that will tell you about his frustrations with his life is opening his heart to you. A man this is becoming vulnerable with you, is a sign that he is hoping for your comfort and love. He may tell you about his mother falling sick with cancer, his father's suffering from depression or he may tell about his own struggles or fears in life (he is afraid of the dark or of flying) Although he wants to be tough with you, if a man is comfortable with you, he will reveal secrets and insecurities.

4. He tells you
A guy that can verbally tell you he cares for you and looks you truthfully straight in the eye is really getting serious. A man that tells you things like: "You are important to me", "I have never met a girl like you before", "I care for you", "You mean a lot to me", "I cherish you" -- and of course his actions back up these words, is a sign he has opened his heart and thinks you may be the one!

5. You see your requests/desires come to fruition
This means that lets say Saturday you tell him how much you love the local wine bars. Well, he may secretly make a mental note of this, and one week later, he is driving you to the coolest wine bar in town.
Let's say it is dinner time, and you are walking down the downtown area, you point out a delicious Thai restaurant that you love and the next thing you know is you are sitting in the restaurant.

A guy that cares for you wants to take care of you and wants you to be happy! If you are feeling comfortable and secure in the relationship, this is a very good sign that he is serious. Just remember to take your time and find a man with good character and values!

Good luck to all you ladies!

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