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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Can you pass his tests?

A guy that is getting to know and care for you may test you to quickly determine who you really are.
If you care about this man, be sure you pass the tests!

1.He'll test to know your limits
Perhaps he may say something offensive to see how you react. He may make a rude comment to see if you agree, or you will stand up and speak your mind. A strong man wants a strong woman who can stand up for herself and her beliefs.

- Do you have confidence in yourself?
- Will you agree with everything he says?

2. He'll test to see your interest in other men
Perhaps he will ask you if you think another man is good looking, or you think another man is funny or interesting. He may be testing to see how you feel about him and see if he is desirable to you. A man who thinks you may be "the one" will want to know you want him and only him. He doesn't want to feel you may have feelings for other men.

- Do you flirt with other men in public?
- Do you need attention from other men to feel wanted?

3. He'll tests to see what's really in your heart
A good man will want to make sure that you are genuine, that you want him for who is he, and not the car he drives, the clothes he wears, or the money in his bank account.Perhaps he will downplay his successes and only share very basic information about himself, until he truly knows you.

- Do you expect him to pay for everything?
- Are you looking for anyone? Or , do you think he's special?

4. Test to see if you will hurt him
He may ask you questions about your previous boyfriends, to determine if you were committed to them. He may try to figure out if you cheated, lost interest, found someone else, etc. Be sure that you understand that he may interpret your past relationship as an indicator of what is to come.

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