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Friday, April 23, 2010

Does He Love you for the wrong reasons?

Does He Love You For the wrong Reasons?

Wrong reasons for him to love you and why.

1. He love you immediately because you're hot.
A guy that falls quickly for looks without getting to know you, could likely do the same when the novelty runs out.  Usually these guys become bored over time and move along to the next sexy women. If a guy especially is not taking time the time to know you, but always wants to be physical.

2. He loves you because you play hard to get
If you are good at playing the game well, or playing hard to get, well honey once  you try to turn your game into a real relationship, the fun may be over for him! So, if you are really looking for a solid relationship, stop playing games! But, don't be so easy that he doesn't think you are a catch!

3. He loves you because you are powerful/have money/are well connected.
A guy that "loves" you because you have a stable job, are well off , or know people - watch out! What happens if suddenly you are out of a job? Will he stick around? What if he starts bugging the people you know -- that would be annoying.

4. He loves you for something you are pretending to be
Don't pretend to be something you are not to get a guy to fall for you. The truth will eventually emerge and you will look like an idiot and he will remember you as a fraud. Be Yourself!  Do you know how exhausting it would be to be a fake for the rest of your life! Wonderful men love women who are genuine, good natured, truthful and natural.

Good luck ladies!

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