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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Secret Signs He Loves You

Here's a question from a user: What are some hiddens signs he loves you.

Wondering if your office mate is really into you? Perhaps your fellow classmate has fallen head over heels in love, read on to discover!

1. You catch him staring
If you ever look up at a man and he quickly looks away -- this could be a hidden sign he really cares for you, but does not want you to notice. He may find you incredibly beautiful to stare at, or he maybe mesmerized by your presence.

2. He hangs on your every word
A guy who listens intently to what you say and wants to know more about you and  your thoughts --this is a sure sign he admires and even loves you. A man who deeply cares for a woman will be interested in her thoughts a feelings. He will want to know your interests, what makes you tick, and how he can get closer to you. Some men who  are incredibly shy may fear approaching you, but still desperately want
to be in your arms!

3. He brings you up in conversation or turns the conversation to you

Let's say you are in a meeting , or standing around a group of friends, he may draw the groups attention to you by asking you what your thoughts are, or what you are doing this weekend. He really wants deeply to connect with you, and is secretly getting to learn more about you, in a quite casual and discreet manner.

4. He takes notices of what other's don't

You changed your hair -- he tells you it is beautiful. He looks around your desk and comments on your photos, organization skills, art, flower arrangement, or writing style. If you find a guy interested in mentioning even minute details about you, he may secretly be hoping to be close.

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