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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Does He Love You? Compare your relationship to healthy ones

One excellent way to determine if you have a solid, loving man in your life is to watch other couples and compare. Examine those couples who are happy in their relationship and see how they treat each other.

Here are a few examples of happy and loving couples:
-- They enjoy being around each other
-- They have other friends and hobbies
-- They support each other
-- They are kind to each other in front of others and alone
-- They surprise each other
-- They want to please the other partner
-- They accept each other's weaknesses (bad habits, messy, unattractive qualities)
-- They are generous and put the other person first
-- Make special dates for each other to enjoy life

Unhealthy couples:
-- Make fun of/put down each other in front of others
-- Are selfish and do not put each other first
-- Try to control the other
-- Are insecure
-- Fight in front of others

Rather obsess over whether he loves you, consider thinking about how you as a couple interact together to maintain a healthy relationship. It is better to be in a loving and healthy relationship, than love someone who does not treat you well and respect you.

Best of luck, Ladies!

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