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Saturday, July 31, 2010

When life falls apart

When a man loves you,  he sticks around through the highs and the lows of life. When you are at your lowest point in life if he's still holding your hand and caring for you - you know he loves you deeply.

If you were to lose a job, crash his car, become very ill, be embroiled in a lawsuit, short sale, foreclosure or a death in your family - look to see if he's still there comforting you and lifting you up.

A man who is there lending an ear is a sign of a solid man who loves you and will continue to love you throughout your lifetime.

When you enter a dark period of your life - this results in loss of  confidence. Suddenly, you may not be the same woman he once knew, instead and he will see a different side to you that may cause him to flee. You may cry every night, become needy and sensitive. Perhaps you become more moody, easily frustrated and temperamental. But a man who sees you through these tough times - one with amazing character - will brighten your day and let you know it will be okay!

On the other hand, a man who is ready to go once the tough times hit - show him the door! Don't beg him to stay. This kind of man doesn't want to hear about your problems, or he insults you for your situation or breaks up with you because you don't "have it together" - let this little flimsy man flee. Wait for a strong man of character that understands the cycle of life is both good and bad. That life is like a string of events - some positive and some negative and your job is to hold on and learn your lesson until you make it through.

And when finally the clouds break, and the sun comes out, you will love him more deeply for being your rock during these stormy times.

Ladies of the world - I hope you find a wonderful, beautiful man who stays beside you during your darkest period - Don't give up until you find him!

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